**note**  New Manila tier up! **/note**

Hey Readers,

Having some fun this week, Seems Henry is meeting Luka for the first time, and being a sheep dog seems to have it’s advantages!  Meanwhile Toa is meeting Locklear as well, and it also seems he may have been a little out flanked in his attempt to be perverted !

Wanted to say thanks to those of you who’ve gotten us to tier 2 of the Manila mothers day May fundraiser , we have a lot of silly little progressions planned and ready as the meeter works it’s way up, so be sure to check back, or follow us on facebook or twtitter to know when the image gets updated! Remember we’ll never update it more than once per day, so you won’t miss anything.


Henry is © HenryK9 , Luka is © Cobra175 , Toa is ©  Toa and Locklear is ©  LocklearAOI


See you all in stream, and till next week!

~Cheetah out!