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**NOTE!** Look Below the new fundraiser image to see a link to all the previous, including a NEW School Girl Josie Flash!! **Note!**

You know, your mother always said “If you keep playing with it, you’re gonna go blind.” Now, I don’t think she was talking about Alexia, but ever since the first one popped off in the car Alexia hasn’t stopped fiddling with her blouse. Looks like Brom has indeed gotten the worst of it, though the benefits of said injury may seem to be a bit more worth while. Seems like Alexia has officially been put on display.

So if you look to your right you’ll see that our “Tip her to strip her (thtsh)” Choice for this month of Moms is the ever lovely Manila Doyle. Since previous fundraisers have left a few of you wondering what the previous levels looked like, we’re instigating a new rule. Regardless of money donated we’re only going to remove 1 layer of clothing a day, though we will be updating the thermometer all the same. This was if we reach level 3 in the first day, you have something new to see each day for the next 3 days, We’ll update to the next layer at Midnight Easter Time each day if the amount warrants it. We’re working on a page to give you guys easy access to the previous fundraiser pictures as I type this, which have been so awesomely animated, and I hope to do the same with Manila’s. If you haven’t already take the time to vote on the “April Josie Bonus Picture Poll” under the current fundraiser picture!

See you guys in stream as well as Next week!
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Cameos this week – Brom Bear!

Story – Cheetah
Art – Mackey Graphics
Shading – Shockley23 aka Amber!

All Characters used with permisson