Hey Readers,


This week end’s Vikki’s little side story, I’d like to thank Rubber Vixen for letting us show you all her 2 page comic commission.   Looks like Locklear gathered up all of VIkki’s flyers for next time. I guess she’s not gonna get Toa to tie her up this time as it seems Toa may already BE tied up!  We’ve only got next week left in this chapter, and then it’s on to our next little adventure. They’ll definitely be more spots in Mackey’s inking future. *chuckles*

We’re at $35 for the donations drive for August, I know a lot of you are a lil worried about it being Jim, be certain the girls will be VERY involved with the whole thing.   Also only a few weeks left until MFM in Olive Branch Mississippi, we’ll be setting up in their dealers room , so any of you planning on attending , do stop by and say “Hi!” and peruse the new stuff of awesomeness we’ll have with us! From special pewter statues, to the first CnC portfolio in YEARS starring Jim and Sarina in “Movie Night”  and even the shirts we teased a few weeks ago!


Well see you all next week!
~Cheetah out

Vikki (c) Rubbervixen

Locklear (c) Locklearaoi