Hey Readers!

So the middle of August brings us to the beginning of a new chapter. We’re back in the Doyle house but only for a moment , looks like Jim still harbors some worry about a teenager and his car. Ahh boys will be boys. There’ll be 2 stories running through this arc to try and keep you guys from getting bored , So it looks like we’re gonna have a fun time.

We’ve reached tier 1 in the “Girls get revenge on Jim” Tip him to strip him August fundraiser, I’ll be updating that picture either tonight or tomorrow, as always keep on eye on our Twitter, Facebook, FA, or IB feeds for the update on that.  Mephit Furmeet is a week and a half away, we are working furiously to bring a few new things with us for you guys. I look forward to seeing those of you who attend We’re in Tables 38/39 , but we also stand out like a sore thumb, so stop by and say “hi!”.

More next week!
~Cheetah out!