** Made a few word bubble corrects, and one ….we accidentally left off.. sorry guys n gals..**


Hey Readers!

So these next 2 weeks are actually a set of strip commissioned by Rubbervixen of the small wrap up of the speed dating arc. As the guys who didn’t get any takers sit around the bar and drown their sorrows in further alcohol , seems one of them may have not noticed the small vixen passing behind them, their comment stirring up some very lucid and negative memories for Vikki. As she ducks off into the bathroom, those  memories materialize themselves in her reflection.

Also , those of you who hadn’t seen it the Bella bonus picture is up for all of you to enjoy if you check the right column , as well as the new Tip HIM to Strip HIM, which may end badly for our perverted cheetah friend. And your votes have been tabulated and the preview of the “Grin and Bear it” portfolio seems to be the winner, so keep and eye out for that in the coming weeks!

Getting prepaired to see you all in Mississippi at MFM 2014 here in just under a month, Mackey and myself will be at the table as well as a few neat new things that we’ll hope to have with us by the time we go! See you all there and hopefully in our streams!


Till next week!
~Cheetah out.

VIkki (c) Rubbervixen

All Others (c) CnC/TJA ,Mackey Graphics