Hey Readers,

So what happens in Vegas… err.. The girls locker room staying in the locker room. Or at least they hope it does. Though I’m quite sure Ceylon would love very much for it to continue outside of the locker room in a much more kinky setting.  I do want to apologize for the slow nature in us updating the fund raiser pictures, as well as the Lana/Jim Bonus, as there was an accident with Mackey’s drawing tablet, and it’s slowed things down substantially. I’m in the middle of getting all the parts to repair it now, and once that happens we should be back up to full speed.

Just 11 more days left before the CnC contest deadline , check the banner above the comic for more details, lots-o-prizes up for grabs. I look forward to seeing all of your entries!

Ceylon is (C) Stitchy626

Till next time~
~Cheetah out