Hey Readers,

Some of you may have seen her in a commission or two from the streams, but now we can officially introduce Jim’s very first girlfreind back when he was 16, and Cape Kahn High School’s Physical Education Teacher/Girls Track and Field Coach , Jillian Shalev, tiny middle eastern Pomeranian ! What can I say he likes um short and perky. Looks like she’s got to put a little stop to whats going on between Sarina and Ceylon though, probably for the best.

Those of you who hadn’t seen it posted, if you look to the right and under the Jim THTSH you’ll see the finally posted Jim and Lana picture you all voted for (make sure it’s the Jim THTSH and not the Lana one which also has a Jim and Lana piccy) . We’re still catching up on the Jessi THTSH between Mackey’s cintiq getting damaged and the Holidays it’s been crazy , sorry guys.  We’re working on it !

Just 4 days left of the CnC Contest, so for you late stragglers, hurry up and get your entries submitted before 2015!

Ceylon is (c) Stitchy626

Till next week!
~Cheetah out