Hey Readers,

Ninja’s been busy today it seems. Can’t a bunny just have a nearly impossible to touch girlfriend with out all the boys thinking she’s fair game? Apparently our new locker dweller has his phone far enough someplace to make something else poke out and say “HI!” Though I’m sure Goldie is enjoying the show.

If you look to the right you’ll see the new Jessibel Tip her to strip her fund raiser. Sari will be co starring with her to help our little reluctant mousie along. Simple 5 tier one this time. As always you’ll have a chance to vote for the bonus, and yes, the Jim and Lana one is being worked on and will be posted in the next few days.

I’ve started to receive some great contest entries! I look forward to posting them up after the new year! Good luck to all of you who plan on entering, looking forward to even more awesome entries soon!

Goldie (c) Uniprae

Till next week/and or stream!
~Cheetah out