Hey Readers,

So we’re down to the wire, I know some of you are anxious to get on with the other story lines and I hear ya. This page wraps up all but one characters cameo appearances, and she’ll be getting bumped into chapter 13 as part of the in-store part of the story. So yeah, looks like Matty may have left an impression with our lovely friend Luca , though he might be in for a hell of a night.  I want to thank you all again for an awesome July fund raiser, still trying to force Mackey to go to the dentist, We’ll make it happen. ALSO  We put up a post on Fur Affinity, Ink Bunny, Facebook, and Twitter a few days ago showing of a possible CnC shirt based on the “Paws on Boobs” shirt Sarina wears from time to time. Except this shirt also has Sari’s tail on the back of it, and a small CNC logo. You can check it out HERE , let me know if you’re interested in having me add it to the CnC store.

Last but not least MFM is at the end of August, and I’m hoping to see a lot of you there, it should be Mackey and myself, but there’s an off chance that Bonk may be joining us as well. I’ll try and keep you all informed!

Luca (c) Cobra175

Matty (c) Ranma0029

VIkki (c) Rubbervixen

Till next week!
~Cheetah out