Hey Readers,

Seems like Sarina might be noticing a familiar smell from months back ( https://catsncameras.com/cnc/comic/poof Comic #66 )  but I don’t think Jo’ll ever admit to it.  This is the first strip Jessi’s mom and sister have ever been illustrated in CnC, so give a warm welcome to Tracey, and Anne.  I know I posted the basic results for the contest for the people who placed back in January , but I’ve been a be slack on getting the overall results up, I should have them published on TJA by the end of this weekend.  Also, we have Furry Weekend Atlanta www.furryweekend.com coming up soon here in the beginning of April, hope to see some of you there!

Scarlet is (c) Jive Guru and is a permanent character in CnC

Till next week or a random stream!
~Cheetah out