Hey Readers,

Sorry for the delay, WordPress did an update and as per usual it conflicted with a few things. So it looks like Jim didn’t exactly explain what that little button was suppose to do, and I don’t think Jo has ever actually seen him use it, but I don’t think a 4200lb Mercury is suppose to do a wheel stand.. I don’t think the Skunk in the Honda though that was going to happen either.. Poor Jo it’s like the Rocket Bike all over again… (see here: https://catsncameras.com/cnc/comic/that-was-awesome )  Wonder if she’ll have that same post orgasm look again LOL!

Anyhow, see you all next week, we’re very close to moving into our next chapter, though this one is going to move into it with out any real change, though the upcoming chapter was written by Jive Guru a few years ago, and we’ve been working towards it for a LONG TIME, So you can expect to see a lot of Squirrel .

Till next time!
~Cheetah out!