Hey Readers,

Couple of quick things.  1. If you haven’t seen the Jessi bonus picture it has been up for a few weeks and can be accessed at the bottom of the fundraisers column on the right side of the comic site. 2. While you’re looking down there check out the post showing off the Josephine bust we’ll be putting up for sale soon, I’d love all of your opinions on her .

So now to the comic, we’re coming to the end of Chapter 13 and all it’s bunny goodness, the next chapter has been written by our friend Jive Guru, who’s also Scarlet Squirrel’s creator, of course Mackey and I have gone over it to make it more CnC and less …. HARD CORE SEX, cause we know you’d all hate that 😛  Should be entertaining and we’ll be trying to mix in a few small stories outside the store as it goes on.  Hope you all enjoy a small glimpse into Bella’s name, though I’m sure it wasn’t hard to figure out.

Till next week,

~Cheetah out