Hey Readers,

Sorry for the delay. Looks like Korin did a fantastic job of his new class presentation towards our new student Tine.     Sadly it looks like someone a bit more jealous of our young rabbit friend has felt the need to butt in where he didn’t belong. Looks like Sari isn’t the only one being watched.

Okay, so the contest results you’ve all been waiting for.

1st place.  –  Heartless
2nd place.-  Bussaca
3rd place  – ZeroSeven
4th place – David Fyffe
5th place –  Monkey Cheese
6th place – Hades

I’ll post the full list on TJA’s contest page later tonight.

Goldie (c) Uniprae
Zera Arnet (c) Kenzo
Tine (c) Lionel
Korin (c) Chakat Stripedfur

Till next week!
~Cheetah out