**Translation by popular request – Mr. Arnet is saying “In Spanish, Senior Korin, loud enough for the whole class to hear, please”**

Hey Readers!

Looks like or Geography Teacher Ms. Wynn is showing Mr. Arnet our very fabulous Spanish teacher pictures of a certain husky hanging naked from an engine lift… Dunno how proper that is but he doesn’t seem to mind, and it seems Goldie might want a few copies sent his way.  I’d also like to introduce Tine the lovely girl catching Korin’s attention as she walks into the classroom. of course some of you may not recognize her as she went through a bit of a transformation for the strip you can see her here – http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12857645/ .  Also remember, if you’re going to say something in Spanish class, always en español for the rest of the class .

Results of the contest coming soon.

Congratulations to Bussaca for winning “People’s Choice!”

Many many cameo’s this strip,

Goldie (c) Uniprae
Samantha Wynn (c) Samantha Feline
Zera Arnet (c) Kenzo
Tine (c) Lionel
Korin (c) Chakat Stripedfur

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