Hey Readers,

First off let me say thanks for making the July fundraiser so successful, we’re gonna be sending Mackey to the dentist here very soon.. If you hadn’t noticed yet there is the Lana poll, as well as all 6 of the tiers of the Lana side bars (at full sized versus the 200 pixel side bar) posted at the bottom of the fund raiser area. Go check them out, and get your vote in. You do have to be a registered user of the blog to vote, but it’s super simple and is there to prevent cheating.

So it seems Alexia’s slowly come WAY out of her shell. It also seems that Roger (our new equine friend) has a few of our fairer sexed cast interested in him. What ever is a simple country pony to do? Rest assured you’ll be seeing more of Roger.

We’re gearing up or MFM at the end of August, trying to atleast have a few fun things for you, if not the “Movie night” portfolio by then (CnC hasn’t had a portfolio since the Manila one many years ago) . We’re also working on a fun little post card give away, as well as our official business cards. Hope to see you all there.

Till next week!
~Cheetah out