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Looks like our little Tuxedo cat has had the tables turned on him , good ole Toa seems to have Brenda and Katie interested in testing his fortitude.Β  We’ve only got 2 more officially scripted pages left in this chapter plus 2 bonus pages thanks to Rubber Vixen.Β  Chapter 13 will be concentrating a lot more on the normal day to day stuff you’ve all wanted πŸ˜› Though it will be split between two stories, one in Sarina’s School, and another back at the shop. I didn’t get a change to mention our July’s THTSH last week, but if you look in the right side bar you’ll get to see our lovely brown bear looking ever so confused!Β  We’re working on a few cool give aways that’ll be available for our trip to MFM at the end of August in Mississippi! more info at www.mephitfurmeet.org .

Brenda and Katie (C) Uniprae

Toa (c) Toa

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