Hey Readers,

Took us long enough but Scarlet Squirrel returns! I’m sure a lot of you missed out favorite squirrel girl, she’s here permanently 🙂 Looks like she’s happy her and Bella accidentally got paired (yeah it’s a boy girl speed dating for the ease of it all) .  Seems Vikki has seen it all a dozen times before as well.

Wanna thank you all for getting us half way through our June fundraiser, it’ll help me fly Mackey out to MFM for you guys to torment and commission :P.   Hopefully all of you like the little Bella storyline, it leads into her portfolio when we finally get that out. Any how see you all soon and hopefully in some of our streams!

Vkki is (C) Rubber Vixen

Scarlet Squirrel is (C) Jive Guru


Till next week!
~Cheetah out