Hey Readers!

Let me start off by saying thanks to everyone for getting us to Tier 1 on the Bella tip her to strip her June fundraiser!  This month we’ll have Bella telling us about a strange day at work she had, each with individual pictures for all 5 levels.

As foe this weeks comic, Looks like our nerdy fellow there didn’t win Crypt over too well with his Data comparison of our lovely android.   Toa doesn’t seem to be impressing Maryjane too much , and Bella finally gets the last word against one of her potential suitors 😛  . But it looks like Alexia has met a lovely pup named Jake who is going to be sticking with the comic for a while as our soon to new intern! *cue dramatic music!*

Crypt (c) Duneari

Toa (c) Toa

Maryjane (c) Brombear

Everyone else (c) Cats n’ cameras


Thanks again everyone, and it was a pleasure seeing you all in stream as per usual!

Till next week, or our many streams!
~Cheetah out!