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Looks like Scarlet has a run in with the studio staff soon, one could only guess what that’ll en tale. But sadly Bella’s good time has indeed been cut short, poor Toa, he’ll find one eventually, though Locklear seems to have been his best bet so far, but she’s too busy taking up the bar keep’s job!  Sadly it seems to have also gotten Brom all tangled up in her need to help out!   Thanks for all your help with this months fundraiser, we’re oh so close to Bella’s 5th Tier, which will inturn bring a bonus picture that is the prelude to all of the fundraiser pictures of Bella!   Been a pleasure seeing you all in the streams when we do them lately.  On a side note be sure to check our Shockley23’s newest project here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13781611/  it’s her brand new comic, and she posted the first page today! It’ll be hosted on TJA just like CnC is but she’s anxious to have you all see it!

Brom is (C) Brombear

Scarlet Squirrel is (C) JiveGuru

Toa the sex crazy Jillikitty is (c) Toa
Locklear is (c) LocklearAoi

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