**Note to our Cameo guests, this strip was a bonus and does NOT count towards your cameo appearances**

Hey Readers,

Can’t help but thank you all enough for the fundraiser support as well as the cameo interest, thanks to all of you helping out I was able to order in Mackey’s new tablet a little in advance of the fundraiser completing it’s goals. So this weeks comic is brought to you in FULL COLOR !! Yay..   So now on to the comic, we’re meeting most of the on going chapter cast in this one, though we’re still missing a few who weren’t paid by the time the strip was drawn out, As well as miscellaneous background people you’ll see as the story moves forward. Keep an eye out as an uncredited character may be more than they seem.

So it looks like Bella’s all ready for this, while Alexia is still a bit worried. We’ll be getting started with the activities next week..

BUT!!! Those of you who missed some of the Sarina “Tip her to strip her” layers can view a little flash done up by an artist who’s worked for TJA in the past by CLICKING HERE   ! Yes it’s flash.. There’s one already done for Josie too and that one actually has a bit of animation to it, but it won’t be posted till we get past the fundraiser for it. So you all will have something to look forward to .

Again, I can’t say thank you enough for all your support!
Till next week! (or a stream)

~Cheetah out!

Characters appearing in this strip from left to right ; Henry ( Henryk9 ) ,  Karl Bernerholdt (Porter) , Brom (Brombear) , Charles Valentine ( Charvale ) , Brenda and Katie ( Uniprae ) , Vikki ( Rubbervixen) , Mary Jane (Brombear) , Crypt (Duneari) , Scarlet Squirrel (Jive Guru) , Locky   (LocklearAOI) , Luka ( Cobra175 ) , and in Panel 2 is Ranma0029 the Penguin