Hey Readers,

Quick write-up this week. But it looks like a certain party of three has come to one of their favorite eating establishments, and the youngest may have a clue as to who may be there as well.   Thanks again for all of your guys awesomeness when it comes to this months fundraiser, I hope the color has brightened up your day.  As we continue to push forward to out goal , I’m setting aside the funds to assist Amber, Mackey’s significant other, and our shading master aka Battle Corgi , the ability to work along side Mackey instead of just after or before him, so the rest of this fundraiser will be going towards getting her set up with a computer that can use Mackey’s old Wacom tablet that the cintiq replaced!

This week’s bonus cameo, mostly cause we missed him in last weeks group shot, is a late comer to the speed dating event is Toa who’s just behind our little party of three. As of now we’ll be starting the paid cameo’s so I hope we can find enough shenanigans to keep you all busy 😛


Till next week!~Cheetah out