Hey Readers!

Welcome back to our little excursion into the realm of speed dating. Those of you are interested in being a Cameo in this chapter, check out the CAMEO PAGE and you too can be like our new friend Crypt who is Duneari’s Android Sphinx. You’ll be seeing her again soon. We have a few other special guests as well, do you know who they are?  No , naming Rubber Vixen doesn’t count, she’s our organizer for the remainder of the speed dating portion of the chapter 😛  . But it looks like Alexia is about to be tossed headlong into her first ever rapid fire male meeting!     If you look to your right you’ll see a partially undressed Josie; we’re (as of this writing) 40% through our fundraiser to get Mackey set up with a Cintiq tablet, and then move the strip to COLOR each week!  We’ll also be having some awesome side stories as well.   Thank you all for the continued support you’ve shown us, and it’s been a pleasure meeting you all in the streams!  If you’ve sent me a cameo request, I’ll be sending out the invoices later today. Have no fear, the ones I’ve received already will all make it into the strip, and there’s still room for some more.

See you all in the Streams! Till then,~Cheetah out!