…….I miss my buffer already. Seriously. I do. I miss it so much. Next week’s probably going to be an extra long strip due to the amount of dialogue I haven’t managed to cut down (sorry, this is probably the only time you will see this couple, I’m not sure yet. XP)

I think I’ve just been hit with my usual post-con slow down… don’t know why it happens, considering I didn’t feel my speed was particularly up at MFM. But anyway, this strip was most done to amuse myself, but if anyone else garners any entertainment from it as well, then, excellent. : D

Anyway, I figure, perhaps the studio has this ‘book 11 home-movies and the 12th is free’ kind of rewards card. Why? Why not? I like to think this couple is on to about their 8th or so stamp.

So, barring some kind of life-hiccup, see you all again next week, same time, same webpage, possibly double sized!
~V.Kyrie (:*