Sunday? Did I say Sunday? I meant MONDAY, yeah, that’s what I TOTALLY meant. 😀
No… I’m really sorry. I kind of dropped the ball, this comic did take longer than I expected, and then I did SOMETHING in Photoshop so that I jsut couldn’t get anything I wanted to work to work, and THEN the program, I swear, MESSED WITH ME. DX
But… also.. it was a learning process and hopefully I won’t make the same muck ups again next time.

Aaanyway… more developments next week, and I’ve already made a start… i’m also trying soemthing new, so it may look strange, it may look awesome… more things to learn along the way.

Again, really sorry about the late update, but I know better than to say things should go smoothly from here because I’ve seen what happens when other web-comic artists say that. : U
Take care loyal readers, and see u again on Caturday!
~V.Kyrie (:*