And we’re back from MFM!
Got a little con-crud but i think I’m feeling better now. Had fun at the convention though.
Welp, this strip represents the last of my mini-buffer, though I’m endeavouring to remain at least a week ahead. Yup. And I’ve made a start on the next portfolio, featuring 2 of CnC’s main ladies.

Um… that’s all I can really think to say right now. See u next Caturday with yet another strip.: )

~V.Kyrie (:*

Hey guys n gals, Cheetah here as well, just wanted to say thanks to all the fans who came up to us at MFM…. just… SPEAK UP DARN YOU! It’s ok to talk to the people at the table LOL… Well we’ll see you all in Atlanta in March at FWA.. and again next year at MFM’s new venue in Mississippi! as well as AC…