Coming to you live (well.. technically this was uploaded over 2 weeks ago) from MFM, we bring you…er.. anothe rpage of Cats n’ Cameras..Oh! The Convention Special! …had I planned this better.. I might’ve been able to make it more special… hm.

Um. Yeah. I’m sure we’ve all felt like this at some points in our lives – goodness knows, i can’t go a year without finding myself with at least ONE reason to smack my head against a wall.

If you’re reading this early in the day and coming to the convention later today or something, I dunno, I wouldn’t mind being brought a tube of pringles, or some giant cheetos…. just kidding. Though I will likely be craving water but I should have access to that already – so just bring your bad selves over and we’ll boogey down! Or have an awkward, halting and brief conversation. Unless I’m finding myself not actually doing all that much drawing, then it’ll jsut be an awkward and halting conversation. : P

…So you should talk to the tall guy next to me, ‘cos I’m shy.

(PS: My mood will be dependant on whether the airlines screwed up this time or not…)

Returning next Caturday – CnC at-home edition!
~V.Kyrie (:*