Hello Readers,

Well as it turns out, between a heavier work schedule and other complexities, Vanishing Point will not be able to work on CnC. But fret not, as I’m in talks with at least 3 other artists at this point 2 of whom have comic experience. CnC is not dead, though the “Storyline” of chapter 10 that was posted will be delayed till another chapter, and as the new strips progress a few short chapters with some hilarity, sexuality, and just fun will be coming first. A lot more Lana, and quite a bit more of Sarina , and those of you paying attention, a LOT more Darren. Yes Darren.. no he’s not DEAD lol..   Till then here’s some WIP of Bella’s portfolio. Plans with it have changed as well Jim Hardiman has decided to traditionally color the entire 15 page portfolio 3 of which will be comic pages. So there’s something to look forward to as a holiday release.   We’re also in works to bring some limited edition statues now that TJA Productions has invested in a High Definition 3D printer (Early 2013 Arrival) So look forward to some Josie and Sarina being our first offerings (Models being worked on as I type this) .. Till then sorry about the lack of new prior to this, I needed to NOT jump the gun with any postings. I’m sure you can all understand that.   I’ll do my best to keep you all up to date, and Likely use more Bella WIP’s to let you all know.

Fondest wishes, and thanks for sticking with me all this time. More to come, I promise.

James “Cheetah” La Bella