Hey Readers!

Let me first touch on those of you who haven’t checked out our contest go look at http://www.jabarchives.com/main/page/contest2014 , we’re giving away over $1000 in prizes (funded by TJA and cheetah personally , not the fundraisers) . ALSO.. Since we’ve reached Tier 10 (updates soon) check the poll to the bottom right to vote for the girl you want to see with Jim in the VERY naughty bonus picture!

As for this weeks comic.. Seems like everyone wants to see our suddenly very nude husky. And Jessi’s sorta giving the run down of Darren’s reaction in the last class… I’d say more but I just want to get the comic up for you guys!! HELP PIMP THE CONTEST!!!

Ceylon is © Stitchy626

Samantha (geography teacher) is © Samanthafeline

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