Hey Readers,

Looks like they finally all get to sit down to a nice lunch… Well, once Sari lets Darren sit, though I doubt that’d make Goldie too happy as he’d lose his view. Still a ton of contempt around the school as they start to adjust to seeing Sarina with a boy 😛 , you’d think they’d be happy to see her so chipper and bouncy !

It very much looks like Lana took the bonus picture poll, and will now be taking cheetah pole <.< Lets hope he survives, or that'll put a serious damper on future scripts. If you haven't noticed the banner over the comic (really?) You'll want to go look and check out the CnC/TJA drawing contest, with a deadline of Midnight on New Years Eve now is the time to get started and have a chance at over $1000 in case and prizes presented by The Jab Archives and it's upcoming 20th Anniversary. Go check them out at www.jabarchives.com , and the contest by clicking the banner above the comic! Goldie is © Uniprae Till next week (or some of the streams we're finally doing again!) ~Cheetah out