Hey Readers!

Sorry for the delay this week, but Mackey and Shockley are still getting accustomed to their new little bundle of joy, Bastian was born this week, and thanks to all of you we made Amber (Shockley)’s mothers day and the month of May absolutely fantastic!

As for the comic. Seems poor Bella can’t get a break from combing out her fur can she? But it’s just in Sari’s nature to be sporadic and inquisitive. But hey maybe Bella can get a break this round thanks to Charles Valentine, our cameo this week from Charvale  ,  You’ll be seeing bit more if him next week.

And finally Manila’s milfy May is almost done, one more fun layer of our side bar image left then a final push to the bonus picture! What could possibly be instore for Manila next? Find out soon!

Till next week!
~Cheetah out~