Sure pushes the envelope here… too far…?
I had the general idea for this in mind but I was having trouble making it happen… I have a very good friend to thank for helping me on this strip – she’s the whole reason this strip even conjealed. Thank you Helli. πŸ˜‰
Now, as for the cameos – some correct guesses and some justifiably confused ones – so here’s the list: Background – Tangerine Willow (draws fLoRiDa, check out the links on the right), On the left Penelope and Don from Just Another Web Comic, with Cobalt and his cuddliest companion Twinkle (from, er, Cobalt, hehe – check him out on or in the foreground – and last but certainly not least, Rose from DMFA (again, check the links on the sidebar).
Seeing as my birthday is in 2 weeks, I MAY be taking a plot-break from CnC and upload some sort of filler so I can concentrate on some other art I most definitely owe people…still up in the air at this point (I could jsut take the day off to relax and then art-grind like crazy).

Votes: Wow. Obviously Sari and Jo have an insurmountable lead. Thanks for voting I hope what I create will be worth the $$$.
Comments: As usual, thanks for them!:-)

Wow long entry today – see you same cat time, same cat channel, next week.: )