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Woo, got this one done ahead of time! Yay! Now to keep it up…. or… get onto my backlog of commissions. *coughs*
Anyway, yes, cameos galore, see if you can name them all.: )
Also, FWA (Furry Weekend Atlanta) is coming up and Cheetah and I are set to go. $$$ has been hard to keep hold of though (as it has been for everyone) due to little emergancies here and there, so I’m going to try and whip up some special ‘intimate/saucy/naked/raunchy’ images of the ladies for some kind of fund raiser, to help pay for the tickets… Any votes on who you all want to see most?
I’ll get through all the ladies eventually, so you’re basically suggesting who gets put up for sale first. ;3
Now, until next time, have a good weekend..!