Hey All,

So quick note, Since I know a lot of you don’t follow our twitter @catsncameras or facebook page, nore our discord server (link in the buttons above the comic on the site) , but I wanted to let you all know, we’ve semi rebooted the Manila and Anthony fundraiser that was set up to help me fix the transmission in my truck. We’ve dropped the tier levels from $200, to $100, and it’ll pick back up at Tier 5 with Iron Potato doing the remainder of the artwork for the tiers. As of me typing this we’re $10 into the next tier. I look forward to bringing the rest of the art to you all eventually. Moving on, If he’s not completely broken by now I’m guessing Sarina has indeed found a keeper. I mean he DOES have 2 lucky Rabbit’s feet, bad I know. As for this weeks “Ask the cast” (All 4 spots are now taken on the Patreon! Thanks so much!) Ranma asks Josie if there’s anything she didn’t let Jim try. Well I guess the phallic French Bread, and Sarina’s mime make-up will never make it into the next video they produce huh? Also big thanks to you all for making “Felicity’s Afterparty” a success, “Grin n Bear it” with Jim and Lana is already scripted, and IP has already begun basic work on the layout, I can’t wait to bring that all to you all in the coming months!

Las but certainly not least. Thank you to everyone who’s helped with me “Gofundme” during these insanely hard times. If I didn’t have bad luck I’d have none, but with you all , you honestly keep me going, and I can’t say “THANK YOU” enough. You really do keep this old cheetah’s heart beating!

Till next week,
~Cheetah out