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I hope you’re all doing okay in this extremely tough time. Thank you for your continued support and readership. As we wind down this chapter , and say good bye to some new friends, I do thank you all for sticking with us through all the changed, and making our first portfolio in years a success! We’ve added some new button art to the page, book ended by our lovely girls Josie and Sarina. They’ll take you to our gumroad store, patreon page, and dicord server respectively.

As everyone gets ready for bed, it seems Felicity and Jessi have snuggled in against Jim for the night, Sari and Darren already fast alseep, Ceylon using Goldie and Chris as a bed, and Sebastian getting in some last good memories…. Of course with no place to cuddle it seems Josie has other plans besides sleep. Poor Bunneh… She’s in for a long night.

Also our first “Ask the Cast” question of April is from Ranma “What’s the naughtiest image you’ve texted Darren?” Sari of course, choosing a sexy nekkid butt shot of her mom. Of course Both Darren and Manila react slightly differently to this revelation 😛

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