Hey Readers,

I’d like to welcome a new cameo character to the strip. His name is Sebastian , and he’s a character of Therook. He’ll be our lovely limo company owner.. Hopefully Darren will make it out of all of this with his sanity in tact… I doubt it though. As we get closer to prom which, yes, we are getting very close, Most of the main Large and Small roles will start appearing, I’m sorry it’s taken nearly a year to get to this, but yeah.. Lots of things happening in life. Artist changes, funding changes, etc… Speaking of artists… ARE YOU AND ARTIST? DO YOU LIKE CNC? CAN YOU HELP US OUT FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER? MonkeyCheese will be taking a vacation for the month of December, and I’m hoping to work with someone to be able to do a fun side store (please don’t throw rocks at me) till We return to the main story in January, if at all possible please do get in contact with me. Also I have 3 of the Josie statues left, to those who have ordered them I’ll be shipping them out on Monday. Thank you all for you support. The sales of said statues is keeping me from well, keeping the lights on for this month.

See you all soon, and till next week,
~Cheetah out