Hey Readers,

Ok gotta start off with a special offer, I have 4 Josie statues here in Florida with me (was 5 but one has already sold) you can see her here https://furrysculptures.com/producto/josephine/ These are the last 4 of this statue that will ever be available and you get to save on the postage from Peru.. I’ll be shipping them USPS Priority Mail to the next 4 Buyers for a total of $57.50 , so if you’re interested do get a hold of me asap questions@catsncameras.com or PM it’s very much first come first serve. ON the discussion of statues. I know a lot of you are VERY much into Svetlana , so.. If we can get 10 pre-orders for her at $70.00 (She’s more expensive as she’ll be to scale compared to Josie) we can get her modeled and made into a very…. SUGGESTIVE pose, I was thinking a shower towel draped in front of a bare Bear? I dunno I guess I could do a poll for a pose. The artist really can’t ship “full nudes” through Peru’s mail system.. So suggestive is about as far as she’s gonna go for now.. If we can make this a successful campaign I’m sure all of you Lana Lovers could be very happy! 🙂 If you’re interested just check out their page. They do fantastic work and I’m sure Svetlana will more than meet your expectations.. Again, get a hold of me and lets get this made 🙂

So on to the comic. I dunno, I think Darren may have saved Jim’s well being at the cost of his own. I don’t exactly know how well Bella would have taken that if it were her. Though it sure seems to have livened up Goldie’s day 🙂

Till next week,
~Cheetah out