Hey Readers,

Sorry for some of the late updates Shockley’s been battling serious dental pain. She’s got an appointment in June to get it all corrected, till then she’s battling through for ya! Speaking of which thanks so much for helping get the THTSH to Tier 5, once she’s rested up a bit she’ll knock out tier 4, and when she gets another chance 5.. I’m sure you’ll all be (at least I hope) a bit please with how it moves forward, especially since it’s canon.

As for this week, it’s taken me a bit to get her worked in , but Melody is our 2nd patreon cameo level supporter, and since they’ve kept that spot for the past two months, I’m sure you’ll see her as well as oinkers around cnc as I can find spots for them.  Looks like Pamuya has caught Jim off guard with her query about the 2nd floor as well. Also.. Bunny Bewbs… because… well.. BEWBS Damn it!

Till next week,
~Cheetah out