Hey Readers,

Looks like Alexia will have to wait a bit after Roger got the last laugh. Though I feel bad for him, he may have a trip to the glue factory for a bum leg after she’s done with him.   Also I’d like to welcome to the comic Pamuya or just Pam for short who’s the character of our generous benefactor who’s maintaining our Patreon top tier.  Got a lot of fun things planned for our new Rudderbutt. That’s again to all of our Patreon supporters! We’re getting close to popping past the $415 level to get Corgi’s plane ticket, thanks to everyone helping strip Josie’s mom Joyce for the THTSH I guarantee you it’ll teach you some things you never knew about the Rogers family if we get through all the tiers.. I can only image the Bonus picture poll now if we do 😛   Thanks for dealing with the little bit of lateness on the strip was Corgi’s son’s Birthday on Saturday so yeah.. Priority one 🙂  See you all in stream or next week!

~Cheetah out