Josephine Rodgers

Nicknames: Jo
Age: 20
Species: Felis Catus (House cat)
Hair Color: Black with White Bang
Eye Color: Hazel Green
First Appearance: Comic #1
Bio: Jo has been Jim’s neighbor forever and childhood friends from an early age – they began dating when Jo was 16 and they have been together since. Jo has recently come back from college with her MBA , and is taking her spot as partner of the store which she helped fund the purchase of.
Sarina Doyle

Nicknames: Sari
Age: *holds up paws* THIS MANY…… *takes off her shoes*
Species: Serval/Cheetah Mix (Leptailurus Acinonyx Jubatus)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Lavender Blue
First Appearance: Comic #2
Bio: Growing up, Sarina was regularly left in the care of Jim or Jo’s families, and has therefore known both of them virtually all her life and has developed a strong attachment to the both of them (and vice versa). It would seem to them that they have been keeping Sarina out of all sorts of trouble forever.
James Di Benedetto

Nicknames: Jim
Age: 24
Species: Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel Green
First Appearance: Comic #2
Bio: As an Only child Jim spent his early years tagging along with Jo’s brothers and eventually the youngest Rodgers, who, thanks to the abundance of males, wasn’t a silly fluffy girly girl and shared several interests, and they continued to hang together when the brothers shipped off to college or marriage.
Alexia J. Trust

Nicknames: Al , “Don’t call me Alex”
Age: 23
Species: Human (Homo Sapien)
Hair Color: Plum
Eye Color: BLue
First Appearance: Comic #4
Bio: Alexia is employed at CnC. For most of the part she’s charmed and amused by her employers and co-workers, taking what comes and goes in stride. While she’ll join in on casual (what day did we choose?) and even photo shoots she is uninterested in fornicating outside her own species…so far.
Bella Tyler Moore

Nicknames: *pending*
Age: 20
Species: House Cat (Felis catus)
Hair Color: Tan
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
First Appearance: Comic #59 , or the 2010 New Years Picture
Bio: Bella was a good friend of Jo’s in high school, and even before high school, She’s stayed in touch with her through out her college years. She’s acquaintances with Jim and Sarina , but spent most of her time around Jo. Bella’s ethnicity splits between an Asian American heritage, when her Siamese side comes out she can become quite vocal, persistent, but her Maine Coon side keeps her quite lovable and Loyal. Watch for more info as it becomes available.
Manila Doyle

Nicknames: Sari’s Mom
Age: 34
Species: Serval (Leptailurus serval)
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green
First Appearance: January 3rd 2009 in Comic #9
Bio: Manila moved to the neighborhood with her 4 year old daughter Sarina over a decade ago. Not much is known of her husband as he has been rarely seen, but she and Sarina seem to be on good terms with him – for all intents and purposes Manila has been a single mother all this time, spending a large amount of her waking hours even to pay the bills. She does her best to put aside time for her daughter and her friends however, considering herself a friend and den mother to Jo and Jim.