Aaand we’re back (from Anthrocon)! It was great meeting everyone who came over to the table (sorry I wasn’t there on Friday, the Airlines…. just.. arrrgh… the Airlines.)

I’m not sure if it’ll become clear later on so I’m clearing up here that Sari wrapped her own jacket around her waist to make sure she didn’t get any paint on the chair. And it’s kind of chilly in there. That is all.: 3

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who could come and meet us, and thank you to every who left comments on the strip.

Also, just going to point out that SARI’S PORTFOLIO IS FINALLY FOR SALE! Woo! Sales of this portfolio will help me get to MFM. <: 3 (and... buy food) See y'all next Caturday! ~V.Kyrie *:)