Hey Readers,

A quick trip back to the store for a bit. Looks like Jim still hasn’t given up hope on nabbing some of Lana’s family Vodka, doesn’t look like she’s changed her stance on him not getting it either. Poor save penguin doesn’t know what to think (Matty was the Lana YCH Auction winner and one of the stretch goals was to incorporate it into the strip a bit), Bella doesn’t seem too phased though.

If you hadn’t noticed we’re up to tier 3, with tier 4 pending on the “Make Mackey’s B-day a great one” fundraiser campaign. Looks like Jim isn’t so tough when he’s not the one in control. We’re going to be cycling through the girls in order of their THTSH appearances, tier 6 starting back over with Sarina. I’ve got a ton of other REALLY neat stuff to tell you , but it’s going to have to wait till the end of November and whether or not I’m even allowed to tell you. But it does involve CnC appearing in a very… Crazy place.. I’ll try and keep you all informed as I can.

Matty (c) Ranma0029

Till next week (or if Mackey streams)
~Cheetah out