Hey Readers!

So chapter 12 starts today, and it sure is going to be a fun one, I’ll likely be opening up a call for cameos here shortly to help me fill in the speed dating scene πŸ™‚ , the cameo page isn’t updated yet so don’t use that. So Alexia and Bella finally get to go out on there speed dating…….Date? And we have a few old characters of yore returning to the strip as well. So keep an eye out, and hope to see a lot of you FWA this upcoming week! Nice to see you a lot in the streams, and WOW.. Just WOW, has this months donations just been crazy, and it looks like the majority of you all voted for the POV shot of Sari giving you a lap dance! So if not before FWA you’ll get it just after, thanks again for everything!!

Till next week!
~Cheetah out