*Note by Cheetah – Sorry for anyone who commented on the place holder. You’ll likely have to comment again. It doesn’t like updating with a different file sometimes*

First off, thanks everyone who stopped by the TJA/CnC table at FWA – wish I could’ve been there to meet you. I’m assuming most of you know why I wasn’t able to attend, but in case you don’t and were curious, it was because I woke up the day of my flight over and found half my face slack and my eye was unable to blink. Obviously, this freaked me out and I opted to go see a doctor rather than a plane. As it turns out I got smacked by Bell’s Palsy, which is annoying, but not life threatening, and now I sound like I have a mouth full of cotton….(not a good thing when you’re a game-master). If I don’t see any improvements by next week I need to start booking physiotherapy which will be expensive and likely more time consuming than I’d like. Oh, and electrodes stuck to my face, that sounds like…fun. But, trying to stay positive here.
Hopfully, next week’s comic will look better… My eye gets sore and then I get a headache and then it gets hard to focus and augh… inking has not been easy the last 2 weeks. Anyway, since I missed FWA, Sarina’s portfolio is delayed a little longer so I can try and make it look a bit nicer and a little less rushed. It’s over half done now, I just want to do some touch ups. See y’all next week!~V.Kyrie