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Sorry about the lack of an update last week, apparently windows and photoshop on Hardiman’s machine when a bit wonky so he had to reload them both.   But here we are slowly closing in on the end of the chapter.. Jim is hard at work on the Bella portfolio, and with it’s completion we’ll be revealing some other news to you all. We’re hard at work for chapter 10, and I hope you’ll all enjoy that as well.   If you don’t already follow us on Twitter and you have an account check out @catsncameras or the twitter feed at the top left of the page.. If you have any quesitons as always hit up on our unusually quiet forums as of late.. I know you all have questions.. Drop us a line!
The end of this month brings MFM in Olive Branch Mississippi, more info at www.mephitfurmeet.org TJA/CnC will be attenting the convention. Come check out some exclusive stuff available at the convention and chat with me at the table!! I love talking to readers… Till then..

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