Hey Readers,

We had a bit of a late night trivia contest back in the beginning of the year, and our lovely reader Sperkle won it. Course, what he really won was Bella taking a few rolls of naughty film and getting it developed for him. Alexia still getting use to counter work , and still hoping to see some equine naughtiness! Here’s hoping we don’t have a battle of the Golden Retrievers , I dunno who’d win, Sperkle or Goldie.. or we’d just end up with a lot of naked wrestling.

This weeks ask the cast by Matty for Pamuya – What is your favorite recipe that you’ve made? Pam “it’s a carrot cake cream cheese , triple layer , cup cake with my super special white chocolate icing. I’ve won a couple contests with it!”

Till next week.,
~Cheetah out