Hello World,

I’ve been moving ahead with serious resources into making our presence at both trade shows and conventions a much larger reality. We’re about to invest heavily in to our laser engraving / cutting business as well as 3D Holographic Screen elements that will allow us to display work from the ever growing 3D modeller talent that all of you are starting to see, in a way that doesn’t need any optical assistance (more on that another time) But in either case we’re also having a fully rigged and animated Sarina Doyle created as she’s become more than anything else a truly recognizable part of TJA/CnC and our business in general. What she needs now is a voice and here is were I ask you all for what some of you do best, and that’s give just that to our lovely Cheetah girl. Some people have made the comment they think Sari sounds a lot like the Actress that plays Tank Girl and Kit from a league of their own, however, I’d love to hear your take. If you’re looking for a dialog example please by all means take a look through the comics and pick a line or page or what ever you feel is what you’d like to do and let us hear what you think Sarina sounds like. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say, and I look forward to a fun and hopefully prosperous business relationship with whom ever is the best of the best! Feel free to reply here or send your auditions to questions@catsncameras.com .

Have a safe and happy new year!

Thanks for reading,
~Cheetah out