“Sometimes you just need to take a walk to clear your head and find solutions to your headaches where you least expect them. To be Continued, next Caturday! (Commenting on this strip is always appreciated, but if you’d like to ask questions or discuss it, please visit and sign up to the FORUM).

…Now, on a completely different note: Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures is hitting it’s 1000th strip tomorrow-ish…given how popular DMFA is, I’m sure I don’t REALLY need to mention this fact, but if you somehow haven’t heard about it, why not start reading it now? The evolution of art you will see unfold before your eyes is near epic.
Why am I mentioning DMFA, a PG rated fantasy webcomic, here? Because.
Amber fears praise, but here comes some: Amber is an amazing person, a wonderful friend and a fantastic artist who, barring sickness or neopets, gives 110% on her comic, and her characters live little lives of their own that surprise not only her readers, but herself as well. DMFA has gone from a favour/prize to a friend to a world full of comedy, drama, fantasy, science fiction, and more than a little love and hate. I’m pretty sure I spotted some (plot related) politics in there too, but it’s served up so good I hardly notice it as politics. Amber, congratulations on 1000 strips. Here’s to how many ever more strips you end up doing; here’s to the future, thanks for being part of the present. Even if I end up face-planting on a congratulary picture (again). Love n’ hugs
~Me (commonly known around here as V.Kyrie) and mine. *: )”