Hey Readers,

Looks like Scarlet is finding out a bit more about the “behind” the scenes areas of the CnC production facility. Though it doesn’t look like she’s too overly worried by some of the more “Questionable” Props.

By this time next week we’d be moving into day 2 of Furry Weekend Atlanta http://www.furryweekend.com , we’ll be at tables 52,53 I believe and you’ll be able to spot us by our new big red back drop with the big TJA Logo on it, as well as Jo, Scarlet, and a bunch of the other main characters of the artists on jabarchives.com . If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new galleries and additions to TJA , you may want to go take a look!   I’ll be bringing a few of the “Josie Bust” Statues with me if you’re interested in getting your filthy mitts on one. Other than that I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend for those of you celebrating it.

Till Next week,
~Cheetah out