Hey All,

As we hit 500 strips , IP has decided to redraw some of the more memorable scenes in CnC’s past, though there are many, this is but a few 😛 The header goes all the way back to strip 1, 1st row is Sarina meeting Darren for the first time ever on the track, 2nd row, Darren meeting Jim , 3rd row, laying out the quarterback, and the bottom 4 is Sarina and Jim after Jim’s mother had passed. Here’s to another 500. You can find the original strips by the numbers above each scene.

This weeks ask the cast is form Tenk asking if Jim could be another species, what would it be? Jim has picked otter… go figure.. and now he is small.. Shout out to my friend MrPickleman the green otts for making an appearance.

Till next week,
~Cheetah out