Hey Readers,

Sorry for the teaser this week, but guess what? The Manila portfolio will be released the beginning of this week, most likely Tuesday. No comic this week due to a family medical thing , don’t worry it’s not Jim.

For those of you attending MFM’11 this will be there as an 11×17 poster print. I was originally intending only to make them as promo posters, even still, there will only be a limited quantity there with us. Speak up for them now if you want one , and I’ll do my best to hold one at the table for you.

Believe it or not we /DO/ plan on updating the strip with a new comic next Saturday while we’re at the con, so stay tuned for that.

Either case I doubt any of you would protest at staring at Manila in her current amount of dress. I just didn’t want to leave you all hanging. I hope to see a lot of you at this upcoming convention. If not I’ll see you when we get back! (and of course next Saturday as well).

Irene missed us here in North Florida , so our hopes and well wishes to anyone in her path this time around.